Welcome to the online home of the Amelang family!

Photo Sharing

All of us have photos that at least some of the others would love to have copies of. Facebook provides a way to keep our friends up to speed on what's going on in the present, as a real-time news feed, but it's not really the place to get all of our older family pictures together in one place to preserve a family story-as-legacy. I hope this website will pull together the best of "what we're up to" and "where we've come from".

Family History

I'm also hoping that as photos trigger memories and memories trigger stories, we will write some of those stories down and publish them here. Our family has some pretty interesting stories to tell, and some pretty good storytellers!

Discussion Forums

There's also a discussion forum on the site that may serve a couple of different purposes. At least, it should give us a venue to discuss what's going on here on the site, and what we'd like to add or modify. We may find some other things to talk about as well—time will be the tell.

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